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Nothing is more expansive than buying too cheap. .....

Some words in advance to our pricing philosophy:

We have calculated our prices realistic - and we think - with an excellent price/value-ratio. Our aim was that even the "normal riders" can buy a saddle from us. We forego a luxury brand image, which you would have to pay for it. Likewise, we do not pay any  "VIPs" in equestrian sport, so we can use its name for our product. This is something we categorically reject. We want that our product is used out of conviction, not because of money.

We do not invest in large ads or other advertising, but use this saved money to offer affordable prices. Our advertisements are our satisfied customers recommend us, because they are glad to have solved  their saddle-problem finally. This is the best advertising we could ask for. And because of the innumerable number of customers, we are actually not dependent on other advertising. This fills us with a sense of pride. After all, it shows us that we have done a good job for many years.

Likewise, we do not deliver to the equestrian trade. Because these wants - justifiably - be paid for their work. In cause of we calculated our prices at producer-level, we would need for this dealer margin then a corresponding upcharge on our product. To meet the usual calculation in the equestrian trade, which would easily double the price almost.

However, our products have to be affordable, although we use much more expensive materials thanit is used in a traditional saddle. Ultimately, we want also "John Doe" may belong to our clients and not just the monetarily better equipped Elite (although we are also happy to count them among our customers).

We have either pitched something to our prices, what then can be given to negotiate skillful customers some generous discounts or rebates. Because that would mean that we take from each customer - who does not persistently negotiated too much. That's not fair from our point of view and so we just do not do that. In this background, please also save yourself the question after any discounts, it will not lead to success.

However, a fair pricing  means also, that nothing is hidden in our prices, which is not product-related. Don´t let you be fooled. If somebody offers you something as a "free service", this can not be true. Service - of any kind - costs always money. If you pay this not separately, it is somewhere calculated in the product. You will allways pay for it. However, with a great disadvantage for you: as buying customer you pay for others, too.

Let us take the example of of free saddle-fitting-clinics. There are different customer motivations for order a saddleseller. Many take place, because the customer actually is seriously looking for a saddle. So should it be of course. But there are also very many who just order a saddledealer, for example because they just don´t have to do nothing better. So "customers" with no real intentions to buy. There are cases where this "free service" is often taken to get expert-advise on the choice and then with purchasing elsewhere ( cheaper f. eks. in the internet ? )  with concrete ideas. But it incur for the seller in any case costs. Costs that must be generatet somewhere. And for this there are then two possibilities: the costs are not declared as "free service" and indeed calculated individually or it disappears in the "mass" of the product price. The second variant is then at the same time penalizing the purchasing customer. Because they have to pay these costs - which others have caused. No one would probably come up with the idea during his visit to a restaurant  to invite and pay for all the other guests in the restaurant, just because they are there. Of course, there could be also found other examples. "Free" Test saddles for example, or the "free" Change Service in a given period. "Free" return policy "best-price-trade-in" or or or ... Just be realistic: there is no "free" in real life.

Therefore we chose a very transparent pricing. We have a price for our product, which is directed to the production costs. What you you request thereover on additional service, will be billed individually. You pay us only for the amount of power that you really take in claim and not a penny more and not for others. We are convinced that this is the only really fair way.  

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